Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everybody Loves a Parade

Oh, I am so far behind on posting. Here are some (unedited) shots from our Pioneer Day celebrations last week. Kari & I braved Cottonwood Heights with 6 kids. Their neighborhood has the perfect parade - short with lots of candy. Though, we discussed that we need to suggest a candy other than taffy - 100 F weather & taffy on hot pavement is not a good combination!
Charlie, Nate & Hayden loved to sit & watch the parade. Charlie was mesmerized by the big trucks, helicopter & police cards! Ella & Noah happily collected candy from the streets with Greta (our taffy-fiend) trailing closely behind.
After the parade, we needed to cool down the kids with a round of snow cones. Then, off to the bounce games. We even managed to get the bounce house to ourselves so that the twins (all 4 of them) wouldn't get squished.

The fire department hoses down the grass during the day (before the fireworks) & the kids had a great time running through the water. Noah & Greta were soaked to the bone (Greta got knocked over & wasn't too happy about it - but she was nice & cool!).
After a quick bath & check in with Dad, Ella & I went back to watch the fireworks with the Sikorski's - after many ooh's & ahh's (and a little kettle corn), we made it home.

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