Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photos by Greta

Nick's surgery went well & he's feeling pretty good. I'm worried that the pain will hit tomorrow when the anesthesia wears off. He's home the next two days while his knee is iced & elevated. Though his doctor told him to avoid stairs, he's been getting bored laying on the couch in the basement. We are so grateful to everyone who helped us out today (especially Kari :)).
I'm doing my best to keep the twins occupied so they don't jump on him. The twins have stopped calling the camera "Mommy" and now want to take turns taking photos. The only problem is that neither of them want to stand still long enough to have their photo taken - they both want to stand near me & say "my turn" (or look for themselves in the view finder). I finally convinced Charlie to stand in front of me (i.e, within 2 inches of me) so that Greta could take a photo. Who knew he was going to be the prankster of the family?

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