Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello Aqua!

Greta would great the beach each morning saying "Hello, Aqua!" We have over 1500 pictures from the last week (thanks in large part to Nicole - Charlie & Greta's godmother). I am going to try to sift through some favorites & post some of the stories I want to remember from our trip. I think this about the 25th year that our family has spent in Montauk, NY. This year, there were lots of old home videos were replayed (another reminder to break out that camera again). It was so fun to reminisce with my cousins about our shared memories growing up. Since my sister & I lived in Indiana, these summer visits were some of the longest visits we had with our cousins. I hope Charlie, Greta & Ella are able to build some of the same special memories with their second cousin Selena. I'm very nostalgic about our summers here. Nick & Kevin helped create some little mermaids (isn't Ella's UV shirt cute? - thanks kim!). We think Greta is a bit claustrophobic. She didn't like to be buried in the sand.

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Poozoe said...

I love your new masthead! You're so creative and talented. I'm glad you had a fab trip. I love Montauk!