Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beach Time

The twins have adjusted well to being beach bums (and Nicole has been nice enough to have her camera at the beach everyday). They are doing their part to eat as much sand as possible. All the kids love running in the {cold} water & everyone has taken a good tumble. Charlie has taken one nap this week & the twins are going to sleep at 4 pm our time (and getting up at 4 am our time). I think we are going to have a tough week when we get home. It's sad that this is our last day at the beach. A big crew went deep sea fishing today. Good Morning America (Japan) was taping on their boat. We'll see if it is shown in the U.S. If Ella wakes up anytime soon, we are going to try to take some morning light pictures at the beach.
Pirates are a big theme here - Ella wants to buy everything for her friend Noah. Here is Uncle Brian flying his pirate kite (the beach has been too windy for kites).
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