Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One Very Happy Girl

The morning after the wedding, Ella & I got up very early (do you see the little bags under her eyes?) & drove to the city with Jessica, Aunt Birgit, Aunt Liz & Granny Jill. She was treated to brunch at the American Girl Place. Greta & Charlie were up & wanted in on the early morning picture. They cried more when we left them with Nick & Kevin than they did when we left them with a complete stranger for the wedding reception.
To say she was overwhelmed would be an understatement. She couldn't even speak to order her breakfast. But, the waiter wasn't phased (he must see it a lot!) This was Ella's birthday celebration, so they brought a special candle in her chocolate mousse.
The Today Show was taping - but there was no time to stop & look. Doesn't the plaza look much smaller than it does on TV?
Here's Ella modeling her new dress that matches Sadie's. Greta wanted her baby to be in the picture too. Ella & Sadie scored big time - it was like another Christmas. As soon as we left the store, Ella wanted to get back in the car to start playing with the new toys & outfits.
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