Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

My babies are growing up. Ella was riding the excitement of the first day of school. I wish the smiles would have lasted the whole day, but it was nice while it lasted. She was thrilled to discover that Nina left a special book for her on her bed. She & Greta both donned their new flowers from Nina in their hair. Aunt Jessi picked out everyone's outfits (though Ella selected the pink winter boots). When we got to Ella's school, I unbuckled Charlie, he jumped down, picked up his lunchbox & was ready to head to school. The twins seemed excited to find their cubbies & drop off their belongings. Ella & I took them to their classroom & Ella showed Greta how to unroll a mat for playtime. No tears, quick hugs & we were ready to go. Luckily, one of the teachers noticed that Charlie had followed Ella & I out the door.
When my friend Kari checked on them about 9, Greta was busy working away & Charlie was sitting on a teacher's lap. He's always been the one who likes to be held more than little miss independent. They were playing with each other when we picked them up - one of the nice benefits of being a twin.
Ella's in the same class with the same teachers as last year. She said there are a lot of new kids in the class, but she couldn't remember any names. She was absolutely physically & emotionally exhausted this evening. I'm hoping by next week we've all adjusted to our new schedule (and Greta's shoes have a heel - I don't think she's that much taller than Charlie).

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Monica said...

They are so freaking cute! Good luck with the new school year. Where is the time going??