Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Dad came into town for his birthday weekend. Because the workers were supposed to be demolishing the old floors, we planned to be out of the house - we took him to Park City Mountain Resort. Nick, Ella, Jessica & Dad rode the roller coaster while I tried to entertain the twins & Kevin went to Deer Valley to work. The lines were long & it was hot, but we had a fun time. I think we'll head back in September when the weather cools down. Here's a pic from Nick's phone of Dad on the rollercoaster:
The favorite part of the kids day was when Grandpa bought a slushee - Charlie's eyes opened wide with appreciation with each bite!Ella's favorite part of the day was the trampoline - she tried a front flip, but needs a little more confidence. These things are great at wearing kids out. I see why so many families have them in Utah.

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