Monday, September 08, 2008

Friends Forever

One of the nice parts of my trip was that I got to reconnect with several good friends. I didn't take any pictures of my visit with my dear (I did not say 'old' like Darci's daughter suggested) friends Jaime & Darci, but we did capture a few with our other friends.
Amy & I became friends in first grade when I first moved to Indiana. We were roomates for 2 years in college & lived in Salt Lake for almost 10 overlapping years. Ethan & Ella were good buddies. Whenever our visit with Ethan comes to an end, Ella always asks what we would have to do to move to Indiana. Ethan wanted an action shot of him waving to me.
Ivy was Greta's age when I last saw her. It's amazing how much bigger she is now. And, so cute - so many memories of her Mom & brother when I look at her face.
Next up was precious Mia who will turn 2 this fall. Katy coordinated a trip home to coincide with our visit & I was so grateful. I've been friends with Katy since middle school. It was so much fun to see her - if only in between corralling the kids! We were pregnant at the same time & spent a lot of time on the phone talking through work/life balance issues. Sounds like she's got it worked out & we're much better than we were.

I've seen so many pictures of the kids, but there isn't anything quite like a 3-D view of someone to really bring them to life.

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