Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's My Birthday

Now that she is two, Greta "gets" the birthday thing. She loves to tell me that she & Charlie had a birthday and that she is going to have a birthday tomorrow. With birthdays being such a topical conversation at home, perhaps I am not that late posting pictures from their birthday party.

But, I was a bit late planning the party with all the craziness at home in August. But, we were thrilled when so many of their friends could join us. Here, you see Hayden (in a backpack because he managed to sneak into the car with only 1 shoe!), Stephen & Alison.

We rented a picnic area in a nearby canyon. Since naptimes vary with friends, we decided that a lunch party was out. Mornings are usually good for the twins, so we held a breakfast party. Nick & Kevin cooked mountain man hash & we had a terrible attempt with dutch oven cinnamon rolls.Noah was very excited to discover carpenter ants & shared his extensive knowledge with all of us. Ella & Emmy had fun with the fuzzy little caterpillars they found. The little ones, were happy just being outside.
The kids picked chocolate donuts instead of cupcakes. We had a fun time playing & we were all exhausted afterward! Charlie blowing out the candles before Nick even lights them.

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