Monday, September 22, 2008

Utah State Fair

Grandma & Grandpa Powell came to visit recently & we treated Grandma right by taking her to the Utah State Fair. I suggested a photo of Grandma with the kids, but I was vetoed (but she's standing behind Greta in this picture making sure no one falls off the tractor). Kari told me that her kids love the little hands exhibit. We let the kids run through the farm cycle - from planting to harvest to market. At the end, they earned 'money' and bought cereal at the co-op. The kids had a great time & we loved that this exhibit was free. Getting into the fair isn't expensive, but once you are in, they charge an arm & a leg for everything. After the kids farmed, we amused ourselves with Greta's choice of rides.
We walked the kids through the animal exhibits & then Nick & Grandma headed home with the twins. Jessica, Ella & I met up with the Sikorskis for some carnival fun. Hayden had the cutest little hat on. Noah was in full cowboy gear thanks to his very talented grandmother. Ella was happy that I suggested that she bring a long her cowgirl hat, but was a little jealous of Noah's stunning duds! The kids had a great time on the carnival rides late into the night.

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