Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bookin' It

We've been trying not to push Ella too much with her reading. Ella has a very fine line between encouragement & overbearing and if we cross it, she shuts down. Jessica & I took her to the library recently - they have a weekly program where you read to the intermountain therapy animals. At first, she started complaining that she didn't know how to read. So, I left Jes with Ella & she started plugging away. It was a tricky book & she read 3 pages before she decided she was done. The dog fell asleep and we giggled about that. Then, in celebration, we went to pick out some accessories for her Halloween costume. She was very proud talking to Nick about the day and said she would like to do it again.
I pick the kids up early on Fridays for swim lessons. Her teacher was showing me how well her kindergarten students were doing. The journals look great & she was so proud. She also told me that the kids decided that Fridays should be reading day. The kindergartners can read books to the younger kids. She said the class is so supportive and really looks up to the older readers. Ella & another little boy are the only two who have participated so far. We are so proud of Ella for her hard work!

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Poozoe said...

I LOVE that. Yea Ella!