Friday, October 24, 2008

Mamma Tia

Last weekend, we thought we'd jump in the car & head up to Snowbird for customer appreciation day. Free tram rides with a canned food donation. The drive up was amazing - the colors were at their peak of beauty & I was sure we'd have gorgeous views from the top. Of course, I forgot about the substantial elevation gain. By the time we got to Snowbird, it was brisk & the leaves had all fallen off the trees. The kids were very excited to ride the tram with a hundred of our closest friends. Greta squealed with every rollercoaster drop while Charlie squeezed us tighter with every wobble.
We were NOT prepared for the 37 F temps at the top of the peak! I guess summer really is over.
We've been listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack. The kids love it. Ella especially likes it because Tia & her Mom were listening to it in the car the other day. The twins were so excited to hear the name of their new best friend & starting chanting "mamma tia!" The weather looks great so we are considering hitting Garden After Dark tonight.

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Poozoe said...

I love that!!!! I can't wait to tell Tia!