Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Architect

Thanks for all the support about the school pictures - I think the trauma is lessening for Ella (especially since I told her Kari offered a special playdate with Noah).
Ella is constantly asking if "we can do something." We say "yes" and offer some fabulous ideas. Ella's reply is always "No, I mean can we do something FUN." And so I cut out my Michael's coupons and try to find ways to entertain my budding artist.
Saturday's project was more work for me than I anticipated. These little houses may look easy to build, but it certainly tested my abilities!
It might sound silly, but it's pretty exciting that Ella is {nearly} over being afraid of the mixer. She still won't turn it on, but at least she will hold it now. The twins like to touch the mixer with me for their "turn." Ella helped make the 'mortar' while I constructed the house. Then, she went to work decorating (and protecting the house pieces from Charlie who tried to eat the roof). It's fun seeing her understand that we don't have to follow the picture on the box. She was covered in the black icing by the time she was done with her masterpiece. We finally had to move the house because Greta kept nibbling at the icing & trying to eat the candy. Ella is very proud of her creation. I love these gingerbread kits!

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KS said...

Great job Ella!!
Love, Noah