Tuesday, November 04, 2008


November came quickly! Just yesterday it was June & I was thinking about posting an update to our New Year's resolutions. I loved Ella's project last year when we created her list of gratitude every day in November. It really made her Thanksgiving Day contribution more meaningful. As a wise 5 year old, she pops out her daily gratitude very quickly. And then we try not to chuckle as Charlie & Greta struggle to understand the concept. Next year, it will be fun to reread their contributions.
Before work got crazy, I had planned to take a picture everyday this month. Now, I'm adjusting my expectations to try to capture some memories this November.
Miss Ella tops my list of things I am most grateful for. We had a rocky summer, but things have settled down. She's back to a normal kid who has isolated tough moments (and usually with a pretty clear cause like tiredness or lack of food). I'm grateful for Ella's patience with Nick & I as we struggled to support her this summer. I'm grateful for her happiness. I'm grateful for the hugs she gives. I'm grateful for how amazing she can be as a big sister. The twins were in bed the other night while Nick was at school & Charlie was crying. I was getting ready to go back in & check on him when he stopped crying. Ella came out of his room & told me he just needed his hair to be rubbed a little. I'm grateful that she loves to do silly craft projects with me. I'm grateful for the {hilarious} sincere way she tells me stories about the atrocities of her day. She's asked me a million times today who I think will win the election & if I will promise to tell her who wins. Then she said, "I bet it's hard to be President. Maybe even harder than it is to be a kindergartener." Well said little grasshopper.
We love you Ella!

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