Saturday, November 01, 2008

Zebras on Parade

The twins had their party on Thursday. I can' t come to their events at school because once they see me, they think it's time to leave. From what I was told, Charlie loved the parade & made sure to tell everyone that he was a zebra (just in case they didn't know). Thanks Lisa for the photo!
Work has been absolutely crazy lately. So, I didn't make it to Ella' s Halloween Carnival. Kari took some pictures for me. When the kids are walking through the halls, they are supposed to be quiet. On those days that they can't keep their energy in check, they are encourage to hold a bubble in their mouth. Halloween definitely calls for bubble holding. Doesn't Noah's Indiana Jones costume look so cute?! Ella started off wanting to be a good witch for Halloween. Then she realized if she was a not-so-good witch, she could have a green face which was too much to pass up. I think she actually decided she was a good green witch. We compromised on crazy eyebrows & a spider for school since I didn't want her to be stuck with a green face all day.I was surprised to see Charlie & Greta sitting so nicely waiting for the big kids to parade through the gym. Ella made sure to tell me that this was the first time Greta saw her at school & didn't cry when it was time to go back to their different classrooms. I still got a note from the teachers saying Greta had a hard time seeing Ella. Yes, this is more what I was expecting. After swim lessons, we picked up very belated birthday cupcakes for Aunt Jessi who came over to watch the launch of trick-or-treating. I was a little slow on the picture taking, but I love how all three girls are blowing out candles at the same time (Charlie couldn't resist the temptation. His was out before the second verse. He's already tasting his icing).

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