Thursday, November 13, 2008

Swimmingly Good Times

The other day, Charlie & I were sitting on the bench watching Greta & Ella swim when I told him "Oh, I forgot my camera in the car today. I was going to take pictures of everyone swimming." My man of few words excitedly grabbed my hand and said "Let's get it."
The car was cold & the pool was jungle-liked humid. Greta's lesson was almost over, so her pics were taken through a foggy lens! The little ones are doing so well. I was too far away to get pictures of them practicing diving. Greta gets on one knee, puts her little arms above her head, points one finger on each hand, her little (big) belly sticks out, she arches her back & belly flops into the pool. Luckily, it's only about a 6 inch drop! Greta will stand precariously close to the pool edge if I don't watch her, so I couldn't get close enough to capture a crisp picture of Ella's dive, but her form is getting so lovely! When Ella wears her flippers, she has great form. She's learning all the strokes, but just needs a little help keeping her legs up. Here she is practicing 'pillow arms' (breathing while swimming.) Charlie doesn't say much, but gets huge smiles on his face when he sees Greta doing something fun in her lesson. He adapted to the lessons much more quickly than Greta (or even Ella at this age). It's so nice to see him demonstrate confidence in something. Greta & Charlie practice floating on their backs & then progress to flipping. The key is that they want kids to immediately flip onto their back & float if they fall in the water. They also spend a lot of time learning to climb out of the pool (there is a little ledge at water level that they start with). Now, the twins are moving on to learning 'big scoops' to get them to the wall or teacher.

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