Monday, November 24, 2008


So, you may have heard a thing or two about this movie. The book has been popular in Utah since the author is a graduated of BYU. I hadn't read the books, but one of my friend's recently let me borrow the book in anticipation of a girl's night at the movies. The two main characters are in high school & it was easy to see the appeal of the book in the teen audiences (as well as those of use who remember those high school romance novels!)
Friday night, Kari organized a movie night. The theaters were packed! We giggled through the whole movie at the overacting, silly dialogue & pure cheesiness. The three of us who were sitting together left thinking it wasn't a very good movie. 48 hours later? I can't stop thinking about it! Despite the cheesiness, Edward, the main vampire (well, every man has his flaws) is very romantic & I'm starting to think I'll watch this film again.
In other news, Utah beat BYU making Nick very happy as well.

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