Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

My mornings are absolutely ridiculous. No matter how much I do the night before, morning are always busy. Kids are running up & down the stairs. Crying. Screaming. Pinching. Laughing. Yelling. Trying to overfeed the dog. Taking off the clothes I just put on - you get the picture. It is chaos!
On this particular morning, after getting the kids in the carseat, I made 4 trips up & down the stairs to retrieve 'necessary' items forgotten by my children. It was the kind of day where someone wanted a different pair of shoes, different blanket, etc. By the time I got to the school, I realized I had forgotten everyone's lunches & was expected at work in 10 minutes.
By the time I did get to work, I was taking a phenomenal effort to be upbeat. Then, I saw an email that I won a giveaway on from Marta. I love this mini-diary! And, I especially love that news of its arrival came on a day when I needed a little pick me up and put a little bounce in my step the rest of the day!
If you are making your holiday lists & checking them twice, the mini-diary is a great hostess gift, girlfriend gift, teenager gift, pre-teen first diary gift, teacher gift, new mom gift, stocking stuffer - it's just a fun gift! But, be sure to order by the end of this month for holiday delivery. The book fits in a purse & includes little prompts to help you record everyday moments in mere minutes.
Thanks so much Marta!

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