Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

It's no shock that the kids had a ball Christmas morning. I think Ella had so many expectations and adrenaline going that she was surprisingly quiet & subdued (that's gone away now!). Donner left Ella a note by the cookie remnants, but she was too distracted to read it and was otherwise not impressed except to say, "Mom, how would a reindeer fit in our house?" Good question. Moving on, Aunt Jessie's $1 costume was a hit with Greta. She's listening to the soft tunes on the lido deck of Ella's new barbie cruise ship/airplane (minor panic when Ella took one look & said that wasn't the airplane she asked for.Greta's a cheap date right now. When I told my Dad how much she loved the baby he got her, he laughed and said it was less than $10.
The biggest missteps of the day? Not realizing how many little pieces were in the toys I bought. I didn't realize I bought fake leggos for Ella & Greta that we won't be keeping. Not only are the pieces tiny, I can't put them together. Even Ella's airplane comes with 400 little bar pieces (really does a 5 year old near a barbie shaker & margarita glasses to play with?) Other than my own missteps, the kids were spoiled with wonderfully generous and unique gifs from friends and family.
We had a lazy day - Ella & Greta never changed out of their new Christmas jammies. Here they are posing with their new blankets from Jessie & cute hat from Kari.Charlie, on the other hand, refused to wear his new pj's in the morning. Not only did he insist on wearing clothes, he insisted on wearing Greta's red velour shirt. She wore it on Christmas Eve & apparently it was too pretty for Charlie to pass up. Nick was mortified that he would be wearing it for pictures. Of course, if his mother didn't blog about it, no one would have known (since we are talking about it, do you see the little rose on his collar?).
My birthday/Christmas present (thanks to Nick, my in-laws & mother/phil) were some new lenses for the camera. I'm still learning the tricks, so please excuse the slightly blurry faces as I learn the lenses! But, isn't the bokeh pretty?

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