Monday, January 05, 2009

Hats Off!

Hats were THE hot gift this year. Everyone but Nick got a new hat. Nina brought hats from her trip to Russia back in the 90's. Charlie LOVED this hat! He puts it on & says "GRR - I'm a bear." Greta is wearing one of Ella's holiday hats. She doesn't like to pose, but has fun putting on hats too. Ella prefers the white ear muffs Nina brought & the hot pink hat from Kari, but she's showing off this hat for Nina (a little too much light in our front room today). We had many tears when Nina left.

1 comment:

KS said...

charlie's picture is magazine worthy - i'm sure it would fit some cute story or caption... great cute pics!!
p.s. i can totally tell this was one of your new lenses - seriously your pics are looking soooo incredible & they were fantastic before!!