Monday, January 26, 2009

The Next Mary Lou

It's been a zoo around here. Though I haven't formalized my New Year's resolutions, they are similar to last year. I'm continuing to try to improve my photography. I've been frustrated that I haven't had time to take many good shots lately. All of them are feel rushed (including this one). I snapped a quick one in the chaos of Ella's new gymnastics class. She absolutely loves it - and they work her hard! One circuit training included the flexed arm hang, pike crunches, jump rope & hanging leg lifts. The kids were smiling through the whole thing. Greta panicked when she saw Ella on the balance beam and exclaimed "Mommy, Ella on the table!" I can't wait until the twins are big enough to join her. It was amazing to watch the kids - you don't realize how much practice it takes to develop coordination and balance until you watch a bunch of 5 year-olds try to run & jump on a springboard.
I decided in December to commit to taking a photo-a-day in 2009. It's a variation of what I started with self-portraits last year (I got tired of looking at pictures of myself very quickly). But, my pictures are so blah that I haven't been posting them to Flickr. I'm hoping life might slow down after my big conference is over in mid-February. It's taking more time than I anticipated to coordinate speakers, sponsors and course materials. Until that time, I'm just going to snap the pictures & not worry that they aren't frame-worthy. I don't think the kids will care.
I was thrilled to discover that so many digital scrapbookers are taking on this challenge this year as well. I was planning to create some sort of digital diary/scrapbook for the kids this year and I think I'll have lots of great ideas on how to present the finished project.
Every day, I take a photo & record a few sentences about the picture or our day. It fits nicely with this great 5 year diary that Jessica gave me for my birthday. The photo project is tough on days that I work because it seems like the only thing I do with the kids is feed them, clean them & read them books. It's forcing me to try to plan some interactive time in the morning or evening.


Anonymous said...

Hey Krista - keep working on the photo-a-day! You are so right that it won't matter down the rod if the January photos are a bit "blah". Believe me - some of my photos from last fall are terrible, and there are at least 15 or 20 of Nate in his highchair! LOL But I love love love being able to look back and read a bit from my 2008 book. I decided to give myself a break and not do it this year, but my Mom and sister and I are doing weekly challenges to improve our skills. still fun but a little more mnageable for us. Good luck and post those "blah" pics too so we can check them out! I'm sure they're not nearly as bad as you think!

Monica said...

My boys just started gymnastics too! Although ours is not as grueling as Ella's! There's a class for Lucas too, which the twins lived here to join in, they'd love it!