Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Fear.

The kids now have consecutive lessons at swimming which means I am always changing someone & it can be hard to watch the lessons closely. On Friday, Ella went first and then we put Greta in the water before taking Ella & Charlie down to the bathroom. As we we started down the stairs, Greta was in the shallow end (like Charlie - above) retrieving rings. When we came up, she was in the deep end practicing her "diving" from the side of the pool. I had just settled on a bench with Ella & Charlie when I saw Greta march confidently and swiftly toward the diving board. I grabbed my phone & hurried closer. She walked the plank & jumped. Absolutely no hesitation. I looked back & Charlie & Ella were smiling & cheering for her. Then she did it 4 more times until her teacher said it was time to practice more swimming. Then, while I couldn't hear it, I am pretty sure she said "OOHHHH" - this lovely grunting noise she noticed that Ella makes when things don't go her way.

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