Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Need for Speed

Nick must have told the twins we were going sledding on Monday afternoon. When I got home from work, I heard voices from their bedroom "Daddy, I ready go sledding now." As we bundled
everyone, Charlie said "I need big hill." This coming from the kid who cried non-stop during the last sledding excursion. I separated my fingers about 1/2 inch and said "Like this?" "No," he said and put his two hands about an inch apart, "this big." He meant business. We loaded Hogan up on rimadyl & we were off. Greta ate snow. Hogan rolled in it. Ella & her friend Asha raced up & down the hill. But, Charlie was the true champion. He outlasted Greta & by the end of our adventure, he was pushing his own sled up the hill. Impressive!

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