Monday, February 16, 2009

Olive, my love

Friday was a big adrenaline day for me. I didn't sleep well Thursday night, had a conference all day followed by a late dinner. I woke up early Saturday morning still hired & with a stress headache. We brought Greta into our bed about 6:30 with the hope of getting a little more sleep. Soon, Ella was standing beside the bed whispering "MOM, I TRIED TO PRACTICE MY BALLET MOVES IN MY HEAD, BUT I CAN'T SLEEP ANYMORE." So, Ella joined us & I wondered how we ever survived without a King-sized bed.
It was very cute as I listened to Ella & Greta whispering beside me about Valentine's Day. Then Ella asked me if this was the kind of holiday where she had to stay in her bed while I went into the kitchen and made a special breakfast & then we celebrated. How do you not respond to that kind of introduction? The girls helped me make blueberry pancakes while the boys slumbered.
After a busy day, we made piggy cupcakes. I learned from the Halloween cookie fiasco. Nick decorated the cupcakes that were going to the neighbors! These were a fun, sticky project for the kids. I used cupcakes, icing, big marshmallows, mini chocolate chips & m&m's. Cut the marshmallows in half for the snout & top with mini-chocolate chips. Use m&m's for eyes. Cut a marshmallow in half length-wise & then cut diagonally for the ears (I got 4 ears from each marshmallow). Add as much pink spinkles, icing or piping as you like! Then, dunk children carefully in a warm bath & scrub well!

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