Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Down for the Count

Little miss-can't-sit still is having one heck of a time kicking this ear infection. The doctor put her on a high dose of antibiotics yesterday which is really taking a lot out of her. She slept most of the day. We called the doctor today because she can't keep anything down. But, they said as long as she is drinking water, we should keep her on the meds. When I spoke with her teacher, I learned that two of her friends are on their third consecutive dose of antibiotics for ear infections, so I hope this suffering is worth it and she's done with ear infections for the season. Charlie had a tough weekend too and missed a party on Saturday because of a stomach bug. I thought the rest of us were in the clear, but Nick thinks it hit him tonight. Charlie came with me when I took Greta to the doctor (just to make sure he didn't have an ear infection too). As soon as the doctor came in the door, Charlie quickly pointed to Greta & said "It's her." It was pretty funny. He did show some empathy & held her hand while the doctor looked in her ears. We are certainly ready for spring weather & healthy bodies here. It felt so good to open all the windows today. A little bit longer & the kids can go outside & play. The twins are going to have so much fun playing outside with Ella this year.

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Anonymous said...

Hope Greta is feeling better soon! I'm visiting my sis for what was supposed to be a 2 week holiday and we have all had multiple stomach bugs too and this morning I woke with that cold-coming-on feeling! Just in time to leave the little guy with his Auntie so Dad and Mom can head to Mexico for a week. Yuck!

So I'm feeling your pain!