Friday, March 06, 2009

Serenity Now!

Everyone is {almost} as good as new. Greta is very happy to be back at school, but probably won't be 100% until she's done with these antibiotics. On Tuesday night, I got a respite & went to the Nordstrom Grand Opening Gala which was a fundraiser for the Women's Philanthropic Network of the United Way. Kari, my most twin mom partner in crime, came along to play.
I think having 4 hours of uninterrupted time to shop & people watch would have been enough regardless of our location. The fact that we got to play in such a beautiful location was just icing on the cake. The evening started with amazingly beautiful cocktails. We only got to try the champagne with ginger-infused vodka garnished with a lovely sprig of decorative grass (which fell out of my glass before we could take a photo). I wish I would have asked the names of the other pretty drinks which were being passed around. There were two different sets model displays - rotating groups of nearly identical women posing in the latest spring fashions (Robert Palmer anyone?) We browsed the entire store enjoying lovely appetizers & tasty mini-cupcakes to balance off those starter cocktails! We spent most of our time at the make-up counters & left our MAC comfort-zone to try Laura Mercier (and especially her eye liner which I can't wait to buy - they were out - but made me actually look awake!). While Kari was patiently waiting for me to find a lipstick that didn't turn bright orange on my skin, she got roped into having her eyes done 3 different times (and looked fabulous each time)! We found some lovely wish-list items (this Michael Kors bag needs to find its way into Kari's closet). LOVED seeing the expanded Burberry collection & Jimmy Choo shoes. We fell in love with the NARS make-up counter (yes, their highly-touted Orgasm blush was one of the few things that came home with us) and felt like Cinderella when it was time to leave the oasis and return to a world where we are relieved to discover that we made it out the door in the morning with shoes on everyone's feet, {mostly} combed hair & no little kid nose residue on our shirts.

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Poozoe said...

That photo should be your new PSA website/yearbook photo.