Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Saturday Night

Guess who was playing around with the computer and put his watermark on all the photos?
My IT department has school work tonight so just pretend you don't see them.

On Saturday night, we had a little celebration with some of our friends from the kids' schools. In addition to having a great friendship, Kari, Kim & I log a lot of volunteer hours at the school, so this was a great way to cap of another wonderful year. I am truly blessed to count these two ladies as friends. Not only do they have wonderful children who are friends with Ella, Greta & Charlie (and lovely husbands who are very nice to Nick), but I couldn't ask for more funny or supportive friends.
At the school's fundraiser last year (which Kim chaired), we pitched in for a catered party by Shelia - a chef & teacher in Charlie & Greta's classroom (and Mom to Bella who will be in Ella & Noah's first grade class this fall). I didn't take many pictures of the night (sorry boys, we enjoyed your company too), but I captured almost all of the fabulous food. Not shown are the fingerling potatoes with truffle oil, beef skewers, trio of fabulous dips, wonton shrimp or decadent chocolate torte. Yeah, I'm going to have work extra hard at the boot camp after Saturday night. But, it was worth it.
Here are my awards for the night:
Best Chef/Teacher/Jewelry Maker/New Friend:
Best Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream Eater:
Most Likely to Serve this Summer: watermelon served with balsamic syrup & goat cheese
Best Updated Recipe: sour cream with mint and lime juice
Best New Flavor: Parmesan Cheese drizzled with Honey
Best Colors: mini-caprese skewers

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