Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming Up for Air

What a couple of weeks it has been. I don't know why I've been dragging so much & struggling to find enough energy to keep up with life. Last night, I had plans to put everyone to bed early & check some items off the "to do" list. Instead, I fell asleep at 7:45 & woke up 30 minutes later & started getting Ella to bed. The twins were still up talking & giggling in their room. Oh well.

For Father's Day, we went to the Silver Fork Lodge up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was cold & a little rainy. The kids loved wearing their new raincoats from Grandma.

One of Nick's Father's Day gifts was a little WIDE angle lens camera. We had a lot of fun playing around with it (especially as we waited for a table). We just need to work on lighting issues. The kids were intrigued by this ancient equipment. Greta thought it was a video camera & danced around. Charlie didn't understand why Nick wouldn't show him the picture.

This is my favorite picture we took with our first roll. I picked up another roll of film to play with this weekend.
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