Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ode to Their Papa

The kids were so excited for Father's Day. They worked very hard on some homemade cards. We stayed up late Saturday night, so they were a bit worn out at breakfast, but we did manage to sneak one quick trip to the pool in before the rain started (again).
In Big Cottonwood canyon, the snow was still visible & the trees looked a few weeks away from blooming.

We drove to the lookout over Park City, but the fog was too thick to see anything.
Though this is late, Charlie & Greta wanted to create a poem for Nick (much like Ella did when she was there age).
Our Dad is so cool! He was born on our birthday (unanimous). He works so hard during the day playing (Charlie) and ummm (Greta). He does so many nice things for us like read books (Greta) and play with us (Charlie). He loves to drink orange juice (Charlie) and beer (Greta). His favorite meal is sausage and eggs (Charlie) and spaghetti (Greta). We love to give him hugs, he smells so stinky (unanimous choice of word followed by uncontrolled giggling).
We love you lots!
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