Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Mean They Have Animals Here?

We went to Zoo Booster Night recently. The zoo is about a mile from the kids' camps & it was a fun treat to go out for spaghetti & hit the zoo during the cool evening hours. The only
stipulation was no playground during this visit.

We sat for an animal show. Ella could not stop laughing when the owl looked "directly" at her. It was her favorite animal of the night.

During the snake demonstration, I noticed a milestone moment with Ella. She has transitioned from little kid question asking ("I know someone who had a snake.") to actually asking a question ("Does the snake swallow its food whole?")
There was a canopy above us that screwed up the lighting, but all the kids (including Charlie!) touched the animals. After some hand sanitizer, we set off to get rock star tattoos & meet up with Nick. I made the mistake of suggesting that we go see the baby snow leopard. When we got there, the area was flooded by 200 people. The kids were so disappointed & I was kicking myself for suggesting it. A quick train ride calmed them down & we made it home in one piece!
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