Monday, September 07, 2009

40,000 Square Feet of Fun

When we were in Indiana, we took the kids to an indoor water park. I was worried how long the twins would last, but it was a huge hit. Even better - the twins weren't three yet so they got in free. I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to worry about keeping it safe (& dry). But, I snapped a few (blurry) pics on my phone. The park had tons of activities for the little ones (like the big thing in this picture). It had three enclosed water slides that all the kids could go on by themselves. There were 4 REALLY big slides behind this one. Ella wasn't up for trying them & Greta was too short (but Grandpa & Granny Jill tried them & confirmed they were FAST).

The kids played for hours. It was great having three adults because each child could do what they wanted. When they were sufficiently tired, we had a little picnic lunch outside. While Grandpa made a work stop, he gave the kids money to play in the arcade.
They were in heaven collecting their tickets. Ella liked the spider stomping game. So, you know who, had to try it too.
We capped the adventure buying all sorts of priceless crap at the prize booth. Then, Grandpa stopped & got an ice cream cake to celebrate his birthday. Perfect day.

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