Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

Though I always associate my Dad with the big city, we came to the realization on my trip that he has now lived in {the middle of nowhere} Indiana longer than he lived in New York. He still sounds more Central Park than Central Indiana, but he's a Hooiser at heart.

The kids love exploring the land at his house. Geode and fossils hunts follow tractor rides as fun things to do with Grandpa.
Fossils and lighting bugs - two childhood memories that you don't find in Utah. I love going back home & sharing these adventures with the kids. Now, if we could just time blueberry/strawberry picking season with our trips.

The twins filled their pockets with any old rocks. Lots of high stick violations were issued. It was monumental for Charlie to go into the water WITH HIS {waterproof} SHOES ON. Took a lot of coaxing & a few tears for him to understand it was OK to get wet & dirty. We had clean, dry clothes at home. As soon as he accepted this, he had a ball.I was helping Ella look through rocks, when I heard Greta say "Mom, is it OK if I get my hair wet?" She had dunked her head in the stream & water was dripping down her face. They were both totally soaked through.On the 5 minute walk back up the hill, it started POURING. Funny how kids love to get wet in the creek, but when it comes from the sky, they FREAK OUT. Dad & I got our workout in by carrying the 30 pound twins & 18 rocks up the hill while coaxing Ella along.
Of course, Ella had to bring ALL the treasures home. My {single} suitcase {for the 4 of us!} was overweight, so Mom had to put them in the carry-on bag. Yeah, she had to go through extra security because of that. But, it was worth it. Ella has already taken them in to her class this year.

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