Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 5 - Puerto Banus & Marbella

By Day 5, we were ready for a beach day.Puerto Banus is the local chic spot.
Postcard Ready

It has a beautiful marina
Good Company

and a stretch of high end shopping.
Dolce & Gabana

We spent the morning on beach chairs (6 euros) listening to the ocean.
Zen Moment

Tons of men came by peddling D&G and Prada bags & sunglasses. When the rain clouds started to roll in, we packed up & headed for nearby Marbella. Since it was raining, we wanted to find the Plaza de los Naranjos instead of going to the beach. We had some trouble agreeing on where we should be driving.

Old Town

When people ask how it was traveling with another couple, I always think of Marbella. As Nick & I were taking wrong turns, disagreeing as to where we should be heading & generally starting to sound like the stressed out couple's on the Amazing Race, Ross chimed in & suggested we just park & find somewhere to get some coffee. So, in addition to providing good company, they were also good peacekeepers.

Wrong Turn

We parked just off the beach front road & immediately found this directory/map:
You are ??

We knew we were close to the Plaza, but the map didn't have a "YOU ARE HERE" designation so we just started exploring. My initial impression of Marbella wasn't very favorable. Driving through the town, the hospital has the best seaside view - perhaps a pretty place to recover from plastic surgery. From the road, it's not a pretty town & there wasn't much to see, but once you park & start walking, it takes on more charm.
So European

We finally found the plaza & enjoyed a much needed cafe con leche.
Orange Trees

The rain had stopped so we explored a bit more & made our way to the beach. The beaches in Marbella had a different sand & more waves than the more protected beaches in Puerto Banus.

The boardwalk in Marbella was bustling & apparently stretches for several miles. The boardwalk is lined with restaurants & bars. We found one advertising 1 euro tapas. We couldn't resist.


The plan was to do a tapas crawl - we made it to two tapas bars & called it a night!

What we would do with another day in Marbella/Puerto Banus - more beach time, more walking along the boardwalk.

What we bought in Marbella - a suitcase (we pushed the limit for weight with the rug & olive oil purchases). Here's the full set of Marbella photos.

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