Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Indian Summer

We're in the midst of our first real snow storm so I thought it appropriate to reflect on our last water day this fall. We took another trip out to Antelope Island & I couldn't believe how beautifully different the land looked.

We didn't see as many animals on this trip.

I had some minimal cooperation from models.
Cheesy Smile
Ready to Go to the Water

But really, they were just doing the minimum to get to the water.
Wide Open Spaces


We stayed until the twins were ready to crash for naptime.
Adorably Cute

The kids were great & walked both ways without much complaining. It's quite the trek from shore to parking lot.
The Long Walk Home

I see the snow falling outside my window, but I feel a little warmer just remembering this day.
Reflecting Mountains

You can see all the Antelope Island photos here.

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