Thursday, October 22, 2009


This week has flown by. Nick or I have had something every night. My good intentions to start running again have been derailed. Photos haven't been processed. Laundry hasn't been put away. But, the kids are bathed & round 1 of the H1N1 vaccine has been obtained for the twins. With Charlie's sensitive lungs, we don't want to take a chance that he is the one to have a pneumonia complication from the virus. Finally settling in & reviewing October's photos.


When my Dad was in town in January, we planned to have lobster as his Christmas gift. The weather was too bad in the midwest & the critters couldn't be shipped. So, my sister arranged for a delivery earlier this month. I feel only slightly guilty that they were my depth-of-field models before dinner.


I'm almost done with Granada photos - I'll be on track to get through Spain by Halloween. Then I'll have to decide what to do with all the photos.


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