Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar
The kids are still riding the high of visiting Grandma & Grandpa over Thanksgiving. Hogan played it cool & didn't show any indication that he was happy to see us - even when Greta gave him a big hug. My holiday projects are in full swing - most are partly done. Here's hoping some of them get all the way done before it's too late!
I am proud that I finished one project already. Jessica & I loved Advent Calendars as kids & they are a big part of our holiday tradition. Ella has told me several times that I don't need to put anything in Greta's Advent Calendar for December 1st because she is regifting her Dora ornament to Greta (complete with the "Ella" personalization). This year, I'm adding a new tradition based on several suggestions from friends.
The Night Before Christmas
I've wrapped 24 Christmas books. The kids will take turns picking a book each night through Christmas Eve. I thought it would be a fun way to spice up old books. I've been collecting Christmas books since Ella was little. Some of the books are 'keepers' while others will be replaced as the kids outgrow them (it makes me sad just typing that). I hit an after-Christmas sale last year with this project in mind, but if you don't have 24 Christmas books, hit the library & fill in your collection. Or, add in some Christmas DVD's.

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Poozoe said...

What a fantastic idea!!! You are an awesome mom. And I love your new masthead. I hope LV and your holiday were wonderful.