Friday, November 06, 2009

No More T&A

Tonsil Boy

This little dude's got quite a set of tonsils on him. Turns out, we didn't need that albuterol last winter. His lungs & airways are fine - it's his adenoids & tonsils that are inflamed. He's having trouble breathing & they need to come out. Today. We're shuffling a few things around & readjusting our expectations for the weekend. This has been a rather sudden development. Because of sleep apnea, he'll spend the night in the hospital. So far, Charlie's pretty excited. On the way home tonight, I explained that we were going to the hospital & the doctor was going to fix his throat & ears so that he can breathe & sleep more easily. He didn't respond, but Greta did. She had A LOT of questions about this. I didn't think Charlie understood what was going on, but when Nick came home, Charlie recited what I told him - almost verbatim. He's still so proud that the audiologist gave him a high five after his hearing test. It breaks my heart to think he's been struggling with breathing & hearing for so long. I hope the surgery delivers the almost immediate results everyone has told me about.

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Poozoe said...

First of all...awesome title! But really.....the IMMEDIATE affect for Tia was amazing and seriously changed our whole family's life for the better. I know that sounds dramatic...but it's true. Hang in there and kiss little Charlie for me.