Sunday, November 08, 2009

Road to Recovery

Charlie sailed through his surgery with flying colors. The tonsillectomy was much more involved than the doctor anticipated & he warned us that Charlie would be in a lot of pain. The poor little guy cries every morning because it hurts to swallow. But, he's been such a trooper & cried less over the past few days than Ella did at the flu shot clinic this weekend (thank you Aunt Jessie for watching Charlie while the girls waited FOREVER for the shots). In case you were wondering, Greta made this face intentionally.

Today, we ventured out in the sun for Snowbird's customer appreciation day. The kids were so excited about the tram ride - especially the tummy ticklers on the way back down. Those bumps even made Charlie smile - but the rest of the time he puckers his lips like this & you know his poor throat is so sore.
Pucker Up
The snow is starting to fall. Here's a view from inside the tram:
Valley View
It was a stunning day. But COLD at the top! 11,000 feet of sisterly love.Sisters
These two have been at each other's throats lately. But, you'd never know it from these mugs.
Blue Sky Day
We need to surreptitiously place a recording device near them. The tone of voice, word choice & overall conversations are quite amusing.
Dusting of Snow
I was feeling fairly organized & ahead of the game this year when I noticed that we are one of the few houses on our block without holiday lights glowing. I'm sure it won't be long before the girls ask Nick why ours aren't up.
I'll be working from home while Charlie recuperates. We'll see how long before he's asking to go school. He's pretty content to hang out by himself, it might be a rude awakening to have to return to the classroom.

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Poozoe said...

I thought of you over the weekend. I'm glad he's sailing through! Gorgeous photos of your beautiful family!