Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Old Man Winter

Winter came rushing into the Valley this weekend. Friday was a gorgeous day & the evening ended with a very fun visit to a new restaurant & the Symphony.


The performance was part of the Bravo Broadway series. I was looking forward to the evening of show tunes, but I was even more thrilled when I learned that 3 Broadway performers would be singing. I paid way too much for Wicked tickets for our upcoming last-minute trip to New York & started to feel some buyers regret. Upon hearing Stephanie Block sing two songs from the musical, my excitement was restored. How lucky are we to have such amazing talent visit Utah? And, now I have a favorite maestro. I feel so fancy. Check out their Holiday Pops performance next month - you'll love it!

Saturday I was minding my own business getting my haircut when it started snowing. And then it didn't stop. I got stuck trying to drive home to get ready for the school's big fundraiser. Luckily, a neighbor rescued me from walking too far in the snow in my capris & shoes without socks (I need to start watching the weather reports). I switched cars with Nick & headed out to toast the chair of our fundraising event - the magnificent Kim!
A Toast to Kim
The night was a HUGE success! I can't wait to see our final totals.
Sunday morning, Jessica & I were getting ready to meet for our run, when Kevin informed us it was only 27 F (again with the weather reports). So, we bundled up, took along the dogs & enjoyed the gorgeous morning (without worrying so much about slipping on the ice when running).
Oquirrih Mountains
Winter is here.

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