Sunday, November 15, 2009

Phonetically Speaking

The twins are REALLY into phonics these days. They get very excited to see a letter & make it's sound. I now hear "Mom, I see a G-G-G Greta!" or "MMMMMM" from the backseat of the car. The cutest is when they see a "K" which they know "belongs" to me and say "Ka-Ka-Ka Mama."

Now that she can recognize a few letters, Greta believes that she can read. So she sits & looks at the pictures & tells the story that she has memorized. One of her go to books is a book that we read to Ella when she was preparing to become a big sister.
It got me thinking about how wishful Ella was for a little sister. How, before I told Ella I was pregnant, I asked Ella if she had any brothers or sisters. She said "No, but I have two sisters on the way." We thought it was such a ridiculous response.
Proud New Sister

Now I will jokingly ask Ella if she thinks we should have another baby, she responds without hesitation that our house is full enough.

Seeing Greta read her book made me curious whether she would have a softer response. Greta is deep in baby mode now. She carries her babies everywhere. So, as she was reading The New Baby, I asked her whether she would like a little brother or sister.
Unusual Cooperation

She put down her book, looked up at me and laughed "Totally not, Mom."

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