Friday, November 13, 2009

The Results

I am proud to announce the {only} winner of the first Powell Family Personal Challenge day:

Charlie made it until noon at school Thursday & Friday. Fingers crossed that he's ready for a full day next week.

Some others family members fell a bit short.
forgotten lunch
forgotten chore
There's no picture of me at 5:30 on the treadmill & then folding laundry after 2 miles instead of going to spinning, but no gold star for me either.
I know I'm a mean mother for taking this one, but it's part of the story of the day.
Terrible Three's
The last place award goes to the family member who wasn't even given a goal (and perhaps he felt slighted by this).
Walkabout Injury
Thursday I was planning on making an important appearance in the office. The kids were loaded in the car & I ran upstairs for my keys. When I came back down, Charlie had opened the door to the house & Hogan made his escape. I spent the morning combing the neighborhood for him without luck. When I got home from picking up the twins, he was tied up on the front porch - thanks for a neighbor who saw him wandering home. See how he's trying to get sympathy by not putting weight on his back leg? We'll it's not working. (Ok, maybe it worked a little). A little rimadyl a loooong nap & he's much happier today.
The weather is chilly, but gorgeous today. Happy Friday!

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