Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bend it Like Beckham

It's darn cold here in Utah. But, in Vegas, it was gorgeous. Warmer than usual. We were spoiled. We found a field to play in. I love this photo of Flora - she looks like she has some moves!
Fancy Footwork
Charlie doesn't quite have the hang of it yet.

But, he did have fun at batting practice.

We may have to start soccer this spring. Ella loves to run. Greta loves to be her shadow.
We spent time at the park.
Once again, Nick was the only one to dress for the weather.
We went on bunny hunts around the block.
going on a bunny hunt
It was a long walk around the block - the water and bunny bait came in handy.
Bunny food
The most impressive holiday feat was that Grandma took all three kids miniature golfing. By herself. She endured the thirteen bathroom stops, three rounds of 9 holes of golf and quarter mile walk home (with another bathroom stop along the way). It was Charlie's favorite part of the trip. We got home from running an errand & couldn't believe they were still gone. Grandma is an amazing woman!

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