Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top Twenty New York Moments

Without further ado . . .

1. Family.

Family Fun

From Uncle Brian's early morning rendezvous at the airport to Aunt Liz & Nicole entertaining Ella. From Aunt Birgit's dinner party to Tasha's venture into the city, family was a central part of our whirlwind trip. That the Aunts & Nicole came into the city on Sunday was icing on the cake!

let the stories begin

It was quick & left us wanting more, but it was great to see everyone again.

And, Ella was thrilled to discover some more cousins. Now, if only we lived closer.
Cousins on Top

2. Girls Day Shopping.
It was epic. It was long (4 miles!). It was invigorating. It was cold. It was fun!
We started at Pearl River Mart where we found so many fun stocking stuffers.
Pearl River Mart
We wandered into several stores & I fell in love with John Derian. It was like Anthropologie, but better!
Fun, fun, fun
ABC Carpet & Home was truly Anthropologie on crack.
ABC Carpet & Home
As we were leaving, Jessica & I both stopped in our tracks & turned around. Apparently, we both LOVE the smell of lilacs.
We felt like a bull in a china shop at Fishs Eddy. We managed to shop without breaking anything & picked up a few fun things in this store.
To Dine For
Ella decided it was too cold (even to go to the grocery store) and cuddled up at home with Aunt Liz & Nicole.

3. Montauk
The store, not the city. Jessica loved this store. I found the perfect $7,000 white sofa for my living room. I'm sure they would scotch guard it for me.
Twisted Vines

4. Spontaneous Purchases

We justified the hotel cost by thinking that we probably wouldn't buy much on the trip. After all, how would we get it home?
As Jessica & I walked the city, we stopped at a Holiday Mart & I picked up a hot apple cider. While she waited, Jessica had her hands scrubbed. Spontaneous purchase #1.

As we made our way back toward Grand Central Station, I said "Ooh - I saw this store in Vegas, but didn't get a chance to go in." And, Jessica said her friend Liz really liked their fragrances. Spontaneous purchase #2 (and 3 and . . . )

As we were getting on the train, I noticed some magnolia leaves & couldn't resist. Spontaneous purchase #3. Not exactly the easiest purchase to carry, but they made it home. Now, I just need my mother to help me display them. I was happy to see this at the Anthropologie store.

Magnolia Leaves

5. Rockefeller Center Tree at Night
A Few Other People Came to See the Tree

6. Wicked


Just like the show in Salt Lake - but bigger, bolder & prettier costumes. Ella broke out in song several times during the show.

7. Lion King


Amazing costumes & dancing. Ella was mesmerized & especially loved that the animals came down the aisle right beside her.

8. New York City at Night.

A Fave of the Trip

So, you can't see the stars. The city is still incredibly magical & alive at night.

Dancing Lights

After our shows, the streets were bustling with people. The air was warm, I could understand the pull to the city.

City that Doesn't Sleep

9. The City
As we exited Grand Central Station, Ella exclaimed "Wow! Look at all these huge buildings!"
look up!
Sure, parking is a pain & it's expensive. But, wow! What a city!
Morning Sun

10. Our Hotel
So, one night cost more than my monthly rent in my first Salt Lake City apartment. And they ran out of rooms with two beds. It was fabulous.
Our Spacious Abode

What can I say? Location, location, location!
View from out Hotel Room

11. Magnolia Bakery
This was on our 'maybe' list. I love the cookbook & heard mixed reviews about their cupcakes. We passed the bakery Saturday night & there was a line around the block. Sunday morning, it was nearly empty as we approached.
Decision Time
Kevin & Nick seemed to enjoy their edible souvenirs from the store. And we enjoyed our breakfast!

12. Skating
We gave Ella the choice to sleep in or go ice skating first thing Sunday morning. She had been tired since the red eye Thursday night. As I got in the shower, I saw her pull the covers over her head & thought she might choose to sleep in. But no. She inherited something from me. When we told her it was either time to get up or skip skating, she put on her long underwear, got dressed & hit the road.
Worth the Foot Cramps That Followed

We arrived about 8:15 & crowds were minimal (we did see the Today show taping!).
Another Look

Jessica & I split skate rentals.
By the time we left at 8:45, the crowds had arrived.
Perfect timing.

13. The Food
Since we were traveling with the Queen of Chicken Nuggets, this trip was purposefully not about the food or fancy restaurants. And yet, we had some great food memories.
From Aunt Birgit's butternut squash lasagna
Amazing Lasagna

to her German Christmas cookies (lucky Nicole got lessons this year!).
Aunt Birgit's Cookies

From Ella's vendor hot dog
Hot Diggity

to Aunt Liz's eggo's to the fabulous soup Jessica & I split for dinner.

We enjoyed all the culinary treats NYC had to offer.

14. The Windows.
Ella's favorite was Sak's
The Plane!

Jessica really liked Lord & Taylor's
Magical Windows

I liked Bergdorf Goodman's

They were all gorgeous & none of my photos do them justice. Seriously, how do they keep those windows so shiny clean?

15. American Girl
With Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket & the visit being repeatedly post-poned, Ella was remarkably and uncharacteristically quick in her shopping.
American Girl Window

We shipped the purchases home & despite some initial complaints about that (and the fact that she can't open the gifts until Christmas), now that we have removed ourselves from the situation, Ella is excited and appreciative (I think) of the visit & the generous gifts.
Hair Salon

16. Top of the Rock
I'm really glad we decided to buy the two visit pass.

Though Ella was disappointed she couldn't see the Statue of Liberty as clearly as she would have liked (next visit).

Central Park 3

Chrysler Building at Night

17. FAO Schwarz
I pushed her up to the front so she could see the Big Piano, we walked through the entire store (twice?) trying to find Charlie the perfect gift (that didn't cost $27,000.00).
Heading Up to See the Big Piano
It's a NYC classic.
Kid Heaven

18. Times Square

I love how it's a walking billboard of our times.
Getting Ready
We tried explaining the significance of this locale to her, but until we tape next week's show, I don't think it will sink in.
Neon Goodness

19. Sunday Morning
Seeing all our aunts & Nicole at American Girl on Sunday was a great way to end the trip. We did a little more walking than expected when I realized our lunch locale was actually the corporate offices rather than the restaurant. But, that was the worst misstep of the trip (I'm ignoring the two hour delay on the tarmac at JFK & the fact the airline ran out of food).
The rain held off until Sunday morning. We ducked into the Plaza Hotel to get out of the rain.Looking for Eloise

Ella, for one, welcomed the downpour because it meant we took a few taxis on Sunday.
Plaza Hotel

20. Dylan's Candy Bar
Last, but not least, Ella enjoyed a chocolate covered marshmallow from the chocolate fountain. I was tired & it was raining so no pictures of the mess that followed. But Ella said it was one of the highlights of the trip.

Chocolate Fountain

Thank you Courtney, Kari & Tashsa for the travel ideas & all our family for their hospitality!

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