Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dancing Queen

Ella's school hosted a Valentine's Day dance. Ella & her classmates learned a dance & performed for the kids from the other Montessori school in town that were bused over the the big event.
The kids were allowed to bring in decorations & music & food. Here, Noah helps the teacher DJ.I was in a conference all day & couldn't attend. This is the first photo Kari sent & I was concerned the kids were all wall flowers
Luckily, Kari not only took photos, but video of how much fun everyone had. The teachers let the kids up on stage in shifts - here Ella & a few of her first-grade friends from gymnastics class boogie down to Shakira (I can't believe that no one got hurt!). Ella is wearing a light shirt & black leggings.

We made so many big flowers (like the ones on the kids heads above) that I convinced Ella to take some in for party decorations. When Ella told Nick about the dance, she said she had to dance (with a boy from the other school) AND HE WAS A GIANT DAD = TALLER THAN YOU. Really? A 6'6" first grader? I don't know how Kari missed that photo op.Happy Valentine's Day!

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Poozoe said...

Tia and I like Ella's moves.