Monday, February 15, 2010

Pampered Feet

I'm too tired to blog about much tonight. I went to a fabulously fabulous spa party last week that Kari hosted. My pre-Valentines Day treat to myself was a lovely pedicure & foot massage. Every morning, the twins try to be the first to compliment my little piggies. Today, Charlie shouted out the "MOM, I LIKE YOUR RED TOES!" and not to be outdone, Greta added in "Yes, she went to a party and EVVVVVERYONE had their toes painted." She really thought that sounded like the most amazing experience ever (and I think it was).
I didn't take many photos, but highlights included a tasty champagne punch, free hand massage, GREAT music, fun crafts for sale, an amazing food spread included chocolate covered grapes (so much better than they sound), red velvet cheesecake factory cheesecake (sinful) and the largest basket of baked goods I have ever seen (over 40 pounds).
I feel more relaxed just thinking about the evening!
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