Saturday, March 13, 2010

Artists Delayed.

Ella got off the phone with Nina this morning (who just returned from a successful trip to Egypt), looked at me & stated "Nina has not seen my spring performance photos or video." Without further ado, here's the story. We have the most amazing music, dance & art teachers. During a time when many schools have cut back on these programs, I'm thrilled the kids are having these experiences. The elementary students made a town - Ella's barn, people & silo (or tree) were done in the Artistic Expressionism style.
abstract expressionism
This piece was done during Ella's Art Noveau period.
The peace dove was created & carried during the International Peace Day Celebration. All of the students walk together around the block to show their support of worldwide peace.

After the art show, we were ushered into the gymnasium for the dance and music performances. We've been listening to the songs for months, so it was fun to hear the full compilation. She was SOOO excited about her dance (at the beginning, she's the short one in black pants, dark shirt with pink shirt on top standing against the wall). I caught the video while holding Greta on my lap, directing little kids out of the way & take still photos with my camera!
(You'll hear some talking during the music - the music teacher interviewed the kids & interspersed those recordings during the performances).

Afterward, we went to our favorite gelato spot - it moved to a new locale complete with a fancy new chandie.

The usual suspects accompanied us - Tia, Noah, Nate & Hayden. We were joined by Noah's cousins and former classmate Adam. During the celebratory dessert fest, Kim complimented Ella on her robot - I was crushed I missed this while Greta was scrambling in my lap. Luckily, I found this shot after the fact.

Ice cream, as always, was a huge hit. Salvador Dali & the Joker came by.

the joker
The kids love the fun puzzle tables.
puzzle table
Ella, Noah, Adrian, Tia & Adam, we are so proud of your hard work! Those performances were amazing. Greta has been practicing her spring performance songs as well - she & Charlie have their debut at the end of April.

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Poozoe said...

The shots inside the gelatoria (?) are FANTASTIC. Great story, too.