Saturday, March 06, 2010


Any dream interpreters out there? I've been having some doozies lately.
1. My father (above) enters the room & he has grown out a beard, dyed his hair & looks a little like Desmond from LOST (below) minus the tan. I tell him he looks like Al Pacino.
2.(recurring) I've had anxiety dreams a lot in the past. This version involves our home.
a. Version 1 - I am driving up the street & see that someone has put ugly blinds on our windows. Nick calls & tells me he bought a new house. When I ask why he didn't tell me, he says he was too busy. I enter the new house which is under construction & see the large screen TV on the wall (but nothing else).
b. Version 2- I get out of the shower & find 3 people moving & stacking all my furniture. When I ask the young man to leave until I get clothes on, the lady boss tells me to chill out.
c. Version 3 - I go into the living room & see that my sisters dogs have chewed big holes in my couch pillows. I break down in ridiculous tears. (J, I swear they were good while you were gone - I'm not sure where this is coming from).
Where the Money's At
3. This isn't my dream, but a dream a teacher had about me. She stopped me in the hall & said she had a dream that I won $600,000 and that she was celebrating with me at a party. Since I am heading to the WPPI conference in Vegas today, I have decided that Miss Alice is clearly prophetic & I am putting all of my latest paycheck on RED.

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