Friday, March 05, 2010


I've got food on the mind. There's been a lot of talk about childhood obesity & what is to blame. I read something recently that points to the fact kids are eating 5 times a day. I find this interesting because every diet plan I've read in the past few years suggests that adults should eat 6 meals a day. So, it can't be the frequency of eating, but maybe the portion size and choices?
I find it slightly amusing that school lunches are also being blamed. Cafeteria food was starchy & high fat 30 years ago too (ketchup as a vegetable anyone?!) I'm excited to see Jamie Oliver's new TV Show

Though reality shows usually let me down, I hope this is one I can watch with Ella & help her learn about foods (as well as remind me the importance of talking to the kids about what foods we are serving & why).

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