Monday, March 15, 2010

Ski Fest

We decided to take the twins skiing. It was a beautiful day in the valley - mid 40's, blue sky.
Not Quite the Warm Day We Expected
I'll take the blame for not understanding the temperature would drop 20 degrees as we approached the ski resort.
Can You Tell Dad Put His Boots on the Wrong Feet?
But, Nick takes the blame for putting Charlie's boots on the wrong feet.
Unfortunately, we didn't realize that mistake until we got back into the car. So, Charlie's first ski experience was rather short.
One Bluebird Skiier
Someone else had her boots on the right feet.
Future Winter Olympian
She & Dad took a few runs down the bunny hill.
Her First Descent
Eventually, the cold got to everyone. There were many tears. Ella dramatically proclaimed it to be the "worst ski day ever."
First Trip On The Rope Tow
We carried our crying children up to the car, got everyone warm, made a bathroom run & headed back down the mountain. We spent more time getting everyone dressed & undressed than on skiis.
We called Nina on the way home & she asked some important questions.
- Was is snowing?
- Was it cold?
- Was it fun?
- Did you do a good job?
Well, Charlie didn't, he just cried. (One guess who added that part)
Snacks Make Everything Better
We are going to credit Nina's excitement & good car snacks for the remarkable change of attitude. The twins now think they are gold medal skiiers. I keep running into Nick's friend at Costco - he always asks if Nick & Ella are up skiing (they are). After he left, Greta turned to me & said "Mom, next time you talk to him, tell him that I went skiing too."

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Poozoe said...

I had a lot of ski days like that as a kid!