Friday, April 23, 2010

Budapest Day 2

Another wacky day in Budapest. One important reason Nick had such a successful MBA experience was that he was paired with some really great peers. His study group met weekly & supported each other through not only the school work, but more importantly, the ups & downs of the job market over the last 2 years.
He said lunch was chicken with a risotto with apples - potato balls (gnocchi?) in a cream sauce with tarragon & was very good.
Though he didn't include much of a narrative with these photos, based on his fascination with this warning symbol from a Pharma company he visited, I think this is the tattoo his team will come home with.
Though he didn't find a firetruck for Charlie, he did score this picture.

His crazy team protecting the family jewels & blocking the penalty kick.This was my favorite picture from the day.I think he hung from a tree for this picture.
The US Embassy hosted a reception for Nick's group in the evening with the Ambassador and the commerce director for Hungary. They had quite a number of business leaders in attendance & it was reportedly a fun reception.

The evening ended badly when an argument arose regarding who was the real superman.
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